This is us

Hi there!
We are Daria and Hjalti, two photographers behind Ást og Hraun.
Our paths crossed in Oslo, at Norway’s biggest metal festival, and the rest, as they say, is history. Admittedly, we are not that great with words, so we stuffed this page with some random personal facts about us, and a little photo dump below, that we hope you will enjoy.

Daria Endresen


• Norwegian
• has been shooting for over 13 years
• Canon gal
• started out as a fine art photographer
• had over 40 exhibitions worldwide
• owner of a jewelry brand called Thrjár
• cat person
• peppermint + licorice tea FTW
• introverted introvert
• huge Tolkien nerd

Hjalti Sveinsson


• Icelandic
• has background in cinema production
• Canon guy
• vocalist in the black metal band called Auðn
• played at Wacken and Copenhell
• cat person
• caffeine all day long
• extroverted introvert
• classic horror movies fan
• soldier at Call of Duty

More words from Daria, attempting to explain why shooting elopements matters

The overwhelming nature of big weddings has never appealed to me. The stress and the pressure to please everyone else felt like a daunting prospect, and a missed opportunity to celebrate your love the way you want. From a photographer’s point of view, traditional weddings were a nightmare, with too much to do and too few opportunities to let my creativity flow. So every time I was asked to document a wedding, it was a resounding no.

Then I discovered elopements, thanks to a friend who decided on an intimate ceremony in Iceland. Intrigued, I explored the work of their chosen photographer, the Kitcheners, and it dawned on me – elopements are so much more than just a staged mountain shoot. Unlike traditional weddings with large guest lists and elaborate ceremonies, they focus on the essence of the couple’s connection. There’s an unfiltered intimacy and genuine emotion that shines through in every photograph. It’s pure and unscripted.
This authenticity is what drew me to elopement photography – the opportunity to document love in its most genuine form.
I knew I wanted to tell stories like that.

I vividly remember editing our first couple session.
Without realizing it, I was constantly smiling.

Elopements are deeply personal, and being chosen to document such an important day is a privilege. Building a connection with the couples, understanding their story, and being present for the most pivotal moments of their lives creates a bond that goes beyond the professional realm. It’s a shared experience, and I am honored to play a role in preserving their memories for a lifetime.

And some photos, as promised

And some photos, as promised