A Summer Anniversary Photoshoot in the Icelandic Highlands

Icelandic Highlands are one of the most fascinating and mysterious areas on this island. Accessible only during several months throughout the year (July to September) they boast of unique, eerie and otherworldly landscapes with staggering mountains, active volcanoes and hidden waterfalls.
Hekla gives a small glimpse of what the Highlands have to offer, and can serve as a perfect backdrop for shorter couple photo sessions.

hekla volcano & Þjófafoss waterfall

I met Andreas and Sabrina a few years back, after booking several nights in one of their wonderful Panorama Glass Lodges, as a birthday gift for Hjalti. These are undoubtedly the most special retreats in all of Iceland! Away from the public eye, and in close proximity to some really beautiful locations, the lodges are an absolute dream. Any couple looking for privacy, luxury and romance should definitely check them out!
(Oh, and did I mention, each lodge comes with its own private hot tub?)

Sabrina also happens to be the wizard behind the Hair & Make Up Agency - one of our favorite vendors. We love working with them and highly recommend them to all our couples.

Needless to say, I was over the moon when these two reached out to us about their anniversary photo session, and knowing their affinity to all things dark and unusual, I suggested Hekla as our playground.

In Middle Ages people used to call it "Gateway to Hell" - and for a good reason! This volcano has erupted over 20 times since 874, and is still active, so whenever you find yourself in the area, stay vigilant and keep your mobile close, in case of an eruption warning.

If you are coming to Iceland between July-September, the Icelandic Highlands should definitely be on your to-visit list. Something to keep in mind, the area is accessible by sturdy 4x4 vehicles only, and a lot of the roads are not in a great shape + have numerous river crossings.

In case you don't feel confident attempting to go into the heart of this region, you can always check out Hekla, sleeping just on the edge of the Highlands area. The site is only 2.5 hours away from Reykjavik, and the road is relatively easy.

As always when venturing into the wild, make sure to dress properly, pack some snacks and water, and check the weather forecast - it changes very fast up in the mountains, and the weather can be surprisingly harsh, even during the summer time.

How about your own adventure in the Highlands of Iceland?

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  1. Their outfits are to die for! I love her green dress and his black suit & tie in such a moody location. Then they changed into more bright clothes! Such a bucket list photoshoot! You did amazing!!!

  2. This is a dream. You captured their love so well too and the location just makes it all seem to be like it is out of a movie set– Wow!!

  3. What incredible scenery, Iceland looks truly magical! You did an amazing job here and I love the outfit change – adds great variety to the colours and the story 🙂

  4. These images from the anniversary photoshoot in the Icelandic Highlands are gorgeous! I love her green dress – perfect for this landscape. These images will inspire other couples who want anniversary photos in Iceland.

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