An epic sunset elopement in the south-western iceland

It’s no secret that photographers favor golden hour above all – the period of daytime just before the sun goes up (or down), when the light is soft and incredibly beautiful. The quality of light has a significant impact on the visual outcome of your elopement photography, and adjusting your timeline in a way that will allow you to catch the golden hour will undoubtedly give you the best results.


Liam & Katherine hailed all the way from Australia to celebrate their love and have an intimate elopement ceremony on the shores of Kleifarvatn lake.
We picked them up at their Airbnb in downtown Reykjavik and headed towards Reykjanes peninsula, where we met the celebrant, Sigurdur Runarsson. Ziggy’s ceremonies are light-hearted, personal and full of jokes and laughter – I was having a hard time keeping my face straight while hearing his witty funny remarks about Liam & Katherine’s origin story.

After officially tying the knot, the guys followed us on a little adventure around Kleifarvatn. We love this area, its gorgeous rock formations and snowy mountains never disappoint!


  • Photographer | Planner : Ást og Hraun
  • Makeup: Laura Bánszki
  • Celebrant : Sigurdur Runarsson

Would you like to conjure your own sunset elopement?


  1. This is so amazing! I love these, great storytelling, gorgeous location.

  2. So artsy and romantic! You caught the location and emotions so well here.

  3. How beautiful and moody! You captured their south western Iceland elopement perfectly ✨

  4. I can’t belive places like this exist. They are so lucky to have to to capture this day so beautifully for them!

  5. Sunset elopements are my favourite! Such beautiful images.

  6. Iceland is sooooo epic for an elopement! Gorgeous photos!

  7. Love the mood of these shots!! They must be thrilled with the results! Thank you for sharing this lovely elopement!

  8. Ann Marie says:

    Those rock formations are so dreamy!! Love the photos and what a beautiful elopement! Also love the note on the ‘white night’ – that is really cool! Love this! 🙂

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