A Romantic Winter Elopement in Reykjanes, Iceland

A Romantic winter elopement in Reykjanes, Iceland

Eloping to Iceland in winter is not for the faint of heart. Low temperatures, piercing northern winds, frequent snowstorms and only several hours of daylight can easily deter anyone from such a venture.
However, you may be rewarded for your courage, and with a little bit of luck you'll find yourself in the most beautiful winter landscape, with soft golden hour light and very few tourists around.

with a traditional chuch ceremony

P & K were that fearless courageous couple - they eloped to Iceland in late January.

Having a ceremony in a church was very important to them, so we started our day in Iceland's Catholic cathedral Landakotskirkja (or Christ the King Cathedral), situated in central Reykjavík. Having no guests, with only a priest and two local witnesses, P & K enjoyed a quiet and intimate celebration of their commitment and love for each other.

After that we embarked on our little adventure around Reykjanes, a beautiful area some 40 min outside of Reykjavík . Considerably less crowded than the traditional south of Iceland, and in close proximity to the capital, Reykjanes is one of our favorite locations to explore - its rugged untouched terrain with inner lakes, snowy mountains and a stunning coastal line will impress anyone who visits this area for the first time.

Despite having a somewhat 'difficult' reputation, winter elopements can be an absolutely wonderful experience, if planned well.

Our best advice :

  • hire a local photographer who'll know where to take you, and is comfortable working in harsh winter conditions
  • make sure to have a back up plan (or two) in case the weather won't cooperate
  • be prepared to change locations last minute or even postpone to the next day (or the day after)
  • bring lots of warm clothes (thermal underwear will come very much in handy)

Tempted to plan an Iceland winter elopement of your own?

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  1. These two made this Icelandic winter elopement look so gorgeous! It makes sense that eloping during the winter in Iceland isn’t for everyone, so thanks so much for sharing your tips!

  2. This is incredible from the little details to the big scenes. Iceland looks amazing and has such a wild vibe, thanks for sharing!

  3. Holy cow! This is absolutely stunning! From the incredible church to the epic landscape, this day is all around incredible!

  4. Wow! Icelands elopements always look incredible! You captured their wedding day so beautifully! I especially love the one where your framed them between the rocks!

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