An Adventurous Full Day Elopement in the South of Iceland

Full day elopements are undoubtedly our favorites. Why? Simple! There is so much you can do with 8-12 hours on your hands! Starting with traditional "getting ready" and "first look" coverage, something that can be especially precious when your family is involved. And continuing with an epic adventure, spanning over numerous locations in Iceland, and lots of wonderful moments you can share with each other (that we will most certainly capture!)

Vík i Myrdal, Reynisfjara, Sólheimajökull & Skogafoss

Esther and Jun have visited Iceland previously, and right then and there the decision was made : getting married in the famous Vík i Myrdal Church, and exploring the South of Iceland, with both familiar locations and places they haven't seen before. We made sure to spice up their special day with secret spots away from the touristic crowds, and add several well known locations that they fell in love with on their first visit.

We started the day in the beautiful cottage of Fjósið Hallgeirsey, located not far from Hvolsvöllur. On the outside it looks just like one of those plain and simple farm houses, but the interior is absolutely stunning, filled with carefully chosen rustic furniture and lots of lovely décor in every room.

Esther's mother was her designated HMUA, which made the getting ready process so much more special and meaningful.

The area south of Hvolsvöllur is rather flat, with farm land stretching all the way to the ocean, and mountains looming too far away to have a visual impact on the landscape. Despite the lack of breathtaking views the first look Esther and Jun shared, was a very emotional and heartfelt moment.

Full day elopements can be quite intense, so we always recommend having a pause mid-day. This time we took a little break at Black Crust Pizzeria. Yes, their name comes from the original black crust pizzas they have on the menu - a must-try for any pizza lover out there!

After that we were on our way to continue the adventure and take Esther and Jun to our favorite spots in the south.

From our experience, it seems like there are two common misconceptions about full day elopements. Either people assume it's going to be a long and tedious hike with a non-stop photo session attached to it. Or they feel like it's way too much time to spend on an elopement - it's going to be too long and boring, and they have no idea what to do to make it an exciting experience. Let's bust these myths, shall we?

First of all, an elopement doesn't have to include a hike, if you're not into it. There are plenty of gorgeous locations that can be reached within 10-15 minutes of walking (not climbing!). If anything, you might end up spending more time driving than moving on your feet, especially if you're after those remote hidden gems. Secondly, taking photos constantly would be incredibly exhausting, both for us and our couples! To avoid that we always make sure to include regular breaks and give you some alone time, so you can enjoy the scenery and each other's company. After all, it's not about the amount of images we take, but rather the experience, which we aim to make as pleasant and stress-free, as possible.

Couldn't we do a lil' ceremony and a couple of spots in 2-3 hours, you ask? Technically, yes, you could! And we do offer smaller packages with mini or half a day elopements for those who are crunched on time and / or budget. But, an 8-10 hour day allows you to experience the whole story - and us to capture it fully. No need to rush and worry about the time running out, or cutting some important moments short / not include them at all - you'll have a full day to enjoy absolutely everything an elopement entails. Remember, this is your day, a once in a life time thing, so you want to make sure you'll have it just the way you want it. And guess what, apart from having all the essential elements of the elopement, like getting ready or first look, you can also include a favorite activity or two. OK, you don't care about hiking, then how about a nice picnic near a lake, overlooking the mountains? Maybe you've always dreamt of riding a horse? Or perhaps exploring an ice cave has been on your wish list since forever? The possibilities are truly endless. And you can definitely count on us to help you make all and any of your ideas and wishes for the day come true!

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  1. This is so beautiful!! Seriously there is nothing like Iceland and you captured it beautifully! Also their style is just on point – love this so much! 🙂

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