An Intimate Midnight Sun Elopement in the Westfjords, Iceland

Prepare to fall head over heels for the enchanting allure of Iceland’s Westfjords – a region that has stolen our hearts and is sure to steal yours too! Nestled in the remote northwest corner of Iceland, this hidden gem beckons with its breathtaking landscapes. Picture-perfect mountains, majestic waterfalls, secluded black sand beaches and inviting geothermal pools create an idyllic canvas for your unforgettable Icelandic elopement experience. Have we piqued your interest? Read on!

Dynjandi waterfall, Black sand beach, secret geothermal pool

S & A had a clear vision for their dream elopement in Iceland, and from the moment they shared their ideas with us, we knew that the Westfjords would be the ideal setting to bring their vision to life.

We decided to take a unique approach to the typical elopement schedule, beginning the day leisurely in the early afternoon. This allowed our couple to savor some extra sleep and cherish the moments as they wrote their vows and prepared for the day ahead in a cozy cabin near Flókalundur.
Setting out on our journey northward, we made sure to explore all the enchanting sights along the way.

Taking a brief pause in Ísafjörður, the so-called capital of the Westfjords, we indulged in a low-key delicious dinner at Húsið before continuing our adventure to a hidden valley with a black sand beach overlooking the open ocean.

As the clock struck midnight, the stage was set for an intimate ceremony like no other. Just the two of them, S & A exchanged their vows atop a mountain pass, in front of a tranquil lake mirroring the surroundings. Privacy was paramount for our couple, so we carefully ensured their solitude, documenting their cherished moment from a distance.

Wrapping up their unforgettable adventure, S & A opted for the ultimate relaxation at a secluded geothermal pool, allowing them to unwind after a day filled with exploration and romance.

What a day (and night) it has been! Could it truly get any more perfect? Judge for yourself!

The midnight sun is a fascinating natural spectacle that occurs in Iceland during the summer. Essentially, the sun doesn’t set all the way below the horizon, extending daylight into a full 24-hour period and casting a continuous twilight-like glow across the landscape. It is especially visible up in the north, and the Westfjords are a perfect area to visit if you want to experience it. As an added bonus there are no tourists around, so even more popular and usually crowded spots will be fully at your disposal.

Tempted to plan your own midnight sun elopement in the Icelandic Westfjords?


  1. STOP IT RIGHT NOW!!! These are soo incredible! The scenery, their sweaters, the sheep, and the pool, all so amazing. You captured their Iceland elopement so perfectly!

  2. Ann Marie says:

    Stunning!!! And what a great way to end their day – absolutely love this! Beautiful photos, breathtaking scenery and all the feels! 🙂

  3. Nothing to say except these are stunning!

  4. Absolutely Stunning. Really no words. I love all of these – they are so moody and beautiful. You are a true artist. BRAVO!!

  5. Wow wow wow!! This was like watching a movie. What a gorgeous story you told.

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