A Moody Couple Photoshoot
in the South of Iceland

One of the questions we get asked fairly often is what happens if it rains. Short answer – embrace it and have fun! To elaborate, a bit of rain has never hurt anyone, and you can be sure it will add a magic touch to your session. Will you get wet? Yes, probably. Should you take an umbrella? We got you covered – there’s a spare one in the trunk of our car for such occasions. However, whether it may prove useful or not is a totally different story!


John and Lauren came to Iceland for the very first time, and as luck had it, the weather was not on our side. Early September is usually quite mild, but we were greeted with the year’s first storm, and had to postpone our session. The rain decided to stay, and not having much choice, we ventured outside, armed with an umbrella and some extra clothes. I always worry about our couples, especially those visiting from the southern countries and being used to warmer temperatures, but John and Lauren were not daunted at all, and enjoyed our adventure to the fullest, even though they ended up soaking wet in the end.

We started our journey in the green mountainous area of Þakgil, continued our way to Vikufjara and concluded the session at the famous black sand beach Reynisfjara.

Thinking about a little adveture sesh’ of your own?


  1. Iceland is just gorgeous! Every single shot helped tell a story and every single on was beautiful! I loved the ending with the umbrella.

  2. Ann Marie says:

    Beautiful! Absolutely stunning – rain and all! 🙂 So glad they ventured out with you despite the weather for a dreamy experience!

  3. I love how simultaneously moody and playful all of these feel! So stunning! Iceland just looks like the best place for photo sessions.

  4. So very moody and in-the-moment. I am not familiar with one of these locations, so you did a gorgeous job!

  5. The entirety of this gallery is pure story telling gold. The tones and the feeling you allowed them to create is something that is priceless. You did a hell of a job!!!!

  6. I love that you gave them space to just be and explore each location. You can tell that they really just immersed themselves into the experience which made you job look effortless. The images are crisp and dreamy with sprinkles of the emotions they felt at the time. Beautiful work

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